Why use Aluminium Composite Material for large scale digital printing?

Utilised for display purposes as varied as retail advertising and building site hoarding, Aluminium Composite Material is commonly used for projecting large digital images in high quality.

Here we explain what Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) is and why it is so well suited for creating expansive and highly visible signage solutions.

Produced by Graphique Media Solutions Ltd,

ACCOUNT : GMS – Graphique Media Soloutions – Cornwall – Robbin Hubbard
APPLICATION : Building Wrap & Hoarding Graphics
CUSTOMER : Cliveden House
PRODUCT : 78m x 8m laminated printed aluminium composite sheets for site cladding.

So, what is Aluminium Composite Material?

Aluminium Composite is an extremely lightweight aluminium panel with a polyethylene core that is designed and manufactured to develop panelling for use with a wide range of interior and exterior applications. These panels are used to create ACM board, which is one of the most commonly utilised substrate solutions adopted by the sign and display industry.

ACM has gained popularity due to the stable, versatile and durable qualities it possesses, and because the panels created are extremely light, flat and resistant to corrosion. Supplied in a range of finishes that are applied to the sheeting during manufacturing, Aluminium Composite Material delivers a consistent, smooth finish across the entire surface area.

Why is Aluminium Composite Material preferred for digital printing?

The high-quality finish polyester coating makes ACM an ideal substrate for printing and the perfect material for almost any decorative or cladding application such as signage, point of sale, exhibition stands, displays, internal cladding or external hoarding.

At Righton we supply specialist white ACM, created specifically for the high quality UV digital print market. This product is available in a range of sizes and aluminium layer thicknesses.

ACM sheet is available in a wide selection of finishes including solid colours, brushed finishes and mirror finishes.

Produced by Graphique Media Solutions Ltd,

ACCOUNT : GMS – Graphique Media Soloutions – Cornwall – Robbin Hubbard
APPLICATION : Site Hoarding Graphics
CUSTOMER : Cambridge Terrace
PRODUCT : Laminated printed aluminium composite sheets for site Hoardings.

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