A brief introduction to Alloy K500

Nickel alloys are used to produce effective and efficient materials that offer far greater mechanical properties and corrosion resistance than comparative products on the market. Here we focus on Alloy K500, a precipitation hardening version of Alloy 400.

What is Alloy K500?

K500 is a strengthened nickel-copper alloy that has been popularised by its extreme resistance to corrosion from substances including seawater, hydrofluoric acid, sulphuric acid and alkalis.

Aside from outstanding corrosion resistance, Alloy K500 also benefits from high levels of density and hardness, low magnetic permeability, and excellent cryogenic properties.

When heat-treated and modified with titanium and/or aluminium, Alloy K500 can also be manufactured to provide even greater levels of strength and resistance.

Key features

Alloy K500 benefits from a number of key properties that make it a market leading product:

  • High strength and hardness from sub-zero to elevated temperatures
  • Low magnetic permeability to sub zero temperatures
  • Resistance to corrosion in a range of environments
  • Resistance to chloride stress corrosion
  • Resistance to high impact
  • High fatigue strength in seawater

How is Alloy K500 used?

Alloy K500 can be used in a wide range of applications where materials are required to offer high performance in varied operating environments, including those with extreme temperatures and where resistance to strength and corrosive elements are critical.

Because of this Alloy K500 is commonly manufactured for use in particularly tough conditions such as marine environments, for products such as fasteners, propeller shafts, rotor blades and valve trim.

The aerospace, engineering and petrochemical industries are amongst the many sectors that benefit from the use of Alloy K500 materials, where it is used to produce a huge range of essential products such as valves, piping and drill collars.

How is Alloy K500 supplied?

Righton manufacture a range of products using Alloy K500 to suit the specifications of our customers, including sheeting, bars, platings, rods, forgings, and tubing.

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