A brief introduction to SAE660/C93200

Leaded bronzes and gunmetals offer improved machining characteristics when compared with other bronzes, as well as maintaining an optimal balance of strength, durability and corrosion resistance. At Righton, SAE660/C93200 is one of our leading leaded bronze products, available in cast form to suit a wide range of different industrial applications.

What is SAE660/C93200?

SAE660/C93200 is a leaded tin bronze with good hardness strength and wear resistance, as well as excellent anti-friction qualities. As a result, it has a long life span and is ideal for bushing and bearing applications. From our stock range, we can supply SAE660/C93200 in round bars of between 9.52mm (3/8”) and 254mm (10”), depending on customer specifications. We can also offer cored bars, flat bars, plates, processing and centrifugal castings to suit the requirements of certain applications.

Aside from outstanding corrosion resistance, Alloy K500 also benefits from high levels of density and hardness, low magnetic permeability, and excellent cryogenic properties.

When heat-treated and modified with titanium and/or aluminium, Alloy K500 can also be manufactured to provide even greater levels of strength and resistance.

Key features

SAE660/C93200 benefits from a diverse range of characteristics, making it a market leading product for use in a range of sectors:

  • It benefits from high-wearability
  • It's an extremely hard material with high static and dynamic resistance
  • It exhibits good sea water, corrosion and erosion resistance
  • It features excellent machinability
  • It has good self-lubricating properties
  • It features good pressure tightness
  • It’s not subject to dezincification

How is SAE660/C93200 used?

Given the durability and varied properties of SAE660/C93200, it's well suited to many different applications, particularly those that require longevity and good resistance to wear and weathering. As a result of the hardness and resistance of the material, it’s frequently used for automotive industry products. Common applications include:

  • Bearings, bushes and washers
  • Gears, sprockets and impellors
  • Pump & valve components
  • Plates and fittings
  • Automotive fittings
  • Machined components
  • Hydraulics

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