The benefits to installing PVC Hygienic Cladding

We are pleased to unveil a brand-new addition to our range with the introduction of a ‘Rigid White PVC Hygienic Cladding Sheet‘.

This innovative product offers a hygienic PVC sheeting with antibacterial technology that provides a dual biostatic and biocidal action that makes it 99.9% more effective when stopping bacteria growth and killing bacteria on the sheet.

As an introduction to this exciting new offering, we explain some of the key benefits of using PVC Hygienic Cladding for internal wall installations:


The key capability of PVC Hygienic Cladding is that it offers active antibacterial protection for wall surfaces and actively kills microbes. These essential properties make it an ideal material for domestic, industrial and commercial use and particularly suited to retail and food outlet premises that require internal wall cladding that will meet hygiene standards.


As a product designed to offer increased hygiene, we understand that PVC Hygienic Cladding will be widely used in environments where a high level of regular cleaning will be required. In anticipation of this, our robust new material has been manufactured to offer high durability when exposed to daily cleaning and resistant to the chemicals used in industrial and commercial cleaning products.

Easy installation

Our PVC Hygienic Cladding panels are easy to install and can be glued to smooth surfaces such as plaster or plasterboard or even over the top of existing tiles. Even if the surface the cladding will be applied to is rough or uneven, the panels can be fixed on to a simple framework and installed using nails, staples or standard adhesive products.


As with all of the materials within the Righton range, our new PVC Hygienic Cladding can be manufactured to suit the specifications of our customers, made to measure and with flexibility in terms of lead and delivery time. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of service through one-off requirements, direct-to-line feed services or long-term contracts.

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