Engineering Plastics

Product Forms


Nylon 6

A partially crystalline polyamide with good strength, toughness and resilience. This is particularly important under impact loading or at low temperatures. Available in round bar from 5mm - 320mm.

Nylon 66

This material has a higher melting point than Nylon 6 and, in addition, better mechanical properties, greater hardness and low water absorption. This makes it ideal for components which need to meet close tolerances. Available in round bar from 5mm - 250mm and ¼” - 2".

Nylatron GS

Nylon 66 Mos2Filled

The presence of the Mos filler results in greater wear resistance and lower coefficient of friction. Stiffness, tensile strength and temperature resistance are also improved. Available in round bar from 6mm - 250mm and ¼” - 2".

Nylatron GSM

Cast Nylon 6Mos2 Filled

As Nylon GS but with enhanced wear resistance, self lubrication, greater temperature resistance and low moisture absorption. Available in round bar from 50mm - 500mm.


A semi-crystalline copolymer with a good all-round balance of engineering properties. Operates continuously at 100°C and has the added advantage of low moisture absorption, good impact resistance and dimensional stability. Available in round bar from 4mm - 250mm and ¼” - 2".


A unique combination of properties. Better wear and abrasion resistance than nylon or acetal, wet or dry. Significantly better dimensional stability and low thermal expansion rate plus good electrical properties. Food grade rated. Available in round bar from 10mm - 200mm.


The most widely used fluoropolymer. Outstanding chemical resistance, low flammability and high degree of resistance to weathering. Available in round bar from 4mm - 90mm.

PEEK - Ketron/Tecapeek

An outstanding advanced material for demanding applications where excellent mechanical performance under extreme conditions is a pre-requisite. Available in round bar from 4 - 200mm.

Techtron HPV/Tecatron

Polyphenylene Sulphide (PPS)

A reinforced, self lubricating polyphenylene sulphide for demanding applications. A cost effective alternative to PEEK in some applications. Available in round bar from 4mm - 100mm.


Polyamide Imide (PAI)

A high performance material with exceptional mechanicalproperties, even when operating at temperatures of 260°C. Available in round bar from ¼” - 2½”.


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